Farewell Brunch

Date : 20 / Sep / 2015
Time : 10AM

The IMC Awards Brunch

Atlanta, GA

In celebration of the closing of IMC 2015, join us for a special, intimate award ceremony brunch where the IMC will honor the makers of music behind the scenes.

The IMC Awards Brunch will pay homage to the hardworking individuals who stand behind the mic and create the sounds that resonate with us for years to come, decade after decade.

These individuals will be recognized and congratulated with a special IMC Plaque.

The IMC Awards will commemorate the achievements of engineers, songwriters, A&R’s, engineers, publishers, DJ’s, radio hosts and jockeys, recording studios and music blogs.

The awards ceremony will be an intimate sit down invite-only experience. Entertainment executives, managers and artists will enjoy this unique one-off opportunity to do business where there will be entertainment from a very special guest.

The gathering will provide superb networking opportunities with some of the most talented individuals from across the globe.

This event is open to VIP ticket holders ONLY.