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24 February 2015

The International Music Conference Launches New Website; Offers Visitors 20% Discount on IMC Tickets

London, England/ Atlanta, GA – February 24, 2015 –– The International Music Conference is delighted to announce the launch of its newly designed, fully featured website: Heading into its 5th year, The IMC brand has continued to grow year after year with its emphasis on a professional and positive individual experience.

Coupled with its announcement of a new website, comes IMC’s 20% discount on its Standard and Featured Events Passes to attend The International Music Conference, September 16-20, 2015. “We are thrilled to offer our loyal attendees a considerable discount to kick-start the announcement of our brand new site,” says Julia Huie-Martin, CEO & Founder of The IMC. “Our aim is to provide visitors a sleek and modern site, which has been simplified for easy navigation, content-rich and direct, to the point information. With that comes our decision for a 20% discount promotion to attend the International Music Conference 2015.” 

Year five is a significant year for the IMC brand as it shows its competitors that the conference and all of its ancillary events and entities are here to stay.  The IMC is the only music conference in the nation that offers an all-expenses trip to another country for up and comers who are looking for a break in the business. With its addition of two new events to the 5-day line-up, the IMC continues to expand by adding new elements to make the event even more exciting.

The International Music Conference website allows visitors to easily peruse the site in minimal time, leaving with information about what the event entails, how to sign up and where to purchase tickets. The site encourages visitors to stay social and share their experience with popular social media apps. By sticking to the brands signature style and function, The International Music Conference website ensures its visitors a simplified experience that offers attendees the opportunity to meet with, exchange and do business almost virtually, proving that The IMC is determined to maintain an integral part of the music industry worldwide.

Tickets for The International Music Conference Year 5 are available now!
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About The International Music Conference
The International Music Conference (IMC) is the main music event to encapsulate the new music industry worldwide. It is the best place to create, communicate and participate in the global multi-billion dollar music industry forum. IMC is one of the only conferences of its kind to provide a massive gathering of artists, songwriters, sponsors, music industry executives and music fans from the UK, Europe and North America with a common goal… to showcase opportunities and connect artists with clear routes of collaboration within the international music scene. Founded in 2011, we bring together the most influential decision makers and deal breakers in the entertainment industry on an international level. Since its inception, the IMC is the best place to discover new talent and to forge new relationships. The only music conference in the world to provide you with the essential tools to make it successfully overseas and offer real networking, real prizes and real opportunities.